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Sylar gain national buzz in 2019, while never forgetting their NYC beginnings.

In a recent conversation with Sylar lead vocalist Jayden Panesso, I asked him.. It’s been 8 years. Did you ever think in the humble beginnings in Queens New York that you’d be here right now at this point and saying “we’re doing it”? "No man, It’s crazy. So the whole idea of the thing was worked up at the end of 2011. We didn’t really start doing things until late 2012. I’m just sitting in Queens, It just wasn’t that easy to find people. I’m thinking of these first songs and how we wrote them in my room and my friends basement in Brooklyn. I Never thought that a lot of the things that are happening right now would ever happen. Because you start a band, you take on these dreams and you have these goals. Some of the things we’ve done already have surpassed a lot of the things I thought were even possible. Recently a song was played on Monday night football. It’s actually played every Monday night and It’s just insane. We’re a bunch of kids with just ideas and a dream and it’s crazy."

"Obviously as a kid you always want to do Gramercy, Irving Plaza, Best Buy before it was Best Buy. I remember playing Club Europa, Party Expo, like small hole in the wall places. At the time it was so exciting. Even if a couple of kids came out it was sick. It’s crazy to be doing this interview outside of The House of Blues. I was just taking a Shower in a Green Room. Those were things we were not able to do. We toured broke for so long we had no money. We would get a Little Caesars pot for these venues and I’d be like “ok I have 2 bucks” and that’d be gone. That’s how hard times were, but we had to keep going."

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