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Sevendust locked-in at Starland Ballroom

Very few artists that have been around for 20 years and command the unabashed loyalty from their fanbase as Sevendust does. On tour for their recent and most creative aggressive output to date "All I See Is War", the band solidifies themselves as one that continues to stay true to their from and grind it out, which has provided them such staying power in the industry. Sevendust is one the remaining bands from the era that still believes in a massive sound and show and has no signs of mailing it in. Lagon Witherspoon commands the stage like few in the industry. The band brings the best of both worlds, enough vibe for an intimate setting with enough bombast for a 17K seat arena. Visions of classic days at Lamours in Brooklyn and Birch Hill in Old Bridge, New Jersey, came alive when the band ripped in to their staple opener, "Black". Fog and bright classic can lights engulfed the band while the crowd surfing began. The rest is of the show was a passionate concoction of Sevendust classics with a ton of bumps and bruises which became tattoos of honor for the passionate fanbase. It's Nu-metal, Punk and Soul all wrapped up into one. Sevendust are not one to ever rest on their successes of the past. Their latest effort "All I See Is War" is some of best work Clint Lowery and the boys have released. Soulful, melodic, grinding tracks like "Medicated" should be added to the tour list. "Dirty" Is classic, true Sevendust hit that will be a set maker for years to come.

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