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Neue Regel Radio Releases teaser video for upcoming network wide re-launch.

"All I can tell you is that we are in the process of doing things that we have wanted to do for the past 7 years." Station Manager Michael Presti states. "Our goal when we started out was to create a community based on the support of artists and listeners everywhere, connecting on different levels more than ever before." Presti adds. "After surpassing our goal, we have now turned our attention to clarity of branding so that the masses can see who we are." "We are first and foremost a streaming digital radio station, but there is more there than meets the ears. We are just so excited for the new shows, new look, new app and site design set to release on 6/1/2020, pending any issues due to the current pandemic." He insists that the station will still play the same amazing music and still be the leader in the support of new and local artists.

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