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RTFX is one the hottest new music Interviewers, today. Gaining rave reviews from everyone across the independent and national spectrum. His healthy respect for indie artists and the music they create, surpasses all in his genre. Artists Like Greta Van Fleet, Within Temptation, Queensryche, Devour The Day, Stryper, Lacey Sturm,  ZP Theart, Shamans Harvest, and more have praised his ability to discuss the issues that matter to the artist while giving the fans a front row seat to an inside look of the artists rarely seen or read in today's here today, gone tomorrow, media. Almost every artist that RTFX has interviewed has taken a positive leap forward in their careers, directly following. Since his high school days RTFX has always had the idea of becoming and rock journalist. His years as a performer and session musician on the late 80’s to early 90’s was key in his understanding all facets of the music industry. Now, on the media and promotions side of the business, RTFX know the awesome responsibility (that some unfortunately take for granted), it is to be fair to the artists and true to the readers. You can catch many of his stories, interviews and articles in every issue of Total Order Magazine, available through Neue Regel Radios’ website. He is not looking for a place beyond the elite nor the notoriety that some desperately seek, RTFX just wants to give everyone and honest look into what it means to be Blessed with an ability to perform, perfect, and what it takes to achieve the goals they set for it. He is a unique character, one that has his eyes open to everything around him and takes NOTHING for granted. Yet, has NO REGRETS. The Creative Force and Creator of Neue Regel Radio.com and its mission statement to “DO WHAT NO OTHER RADIO STATION HAS EVER DONE!” Really be artist centric! New Jersey born and bread, this singer/songwriter/ designer/author cut his teeth in the tri-state area music scene for over 15 years. He is steadfast in his ultimate goal which is finding a home for all of the great bands on the Launch Pad, in the form of Neue Regel Records! 


Email: RTFX Here: rtfx@neueregelradio.com