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The Protest Take a Stand!

February 5, 2019

In a recent conversation with The Protests' lead singer Josh Bramlett, I asked about his thoughts on Christian artists who avoid saying they are a CCM band for fear of being labeled. Josh emphatically stated that "We do do this for Jesus. We truly want to reach people with the gospel. We realize that there are so many better bands, better musicians, but we are just humble to do that. If we can be a light to the world while making some kick butt Rock music then that's what we want to do. You know as well as we do that there is not a lot of money in the Rock and Roll biz. We do love meeting people and spending time with people on the road and being there for them, hearing their stories. That’s what drives our band and that’s what drives our music. That being said, we will play at churches, we will play at clubs and bars. We take it everywhere and we are pretty blessed to have a response no matter where we are at. The single is doing pretty well in the main stream and I know that the topic of the song is somewhat general, but it’s really encouraging that we may have a chance to uplift a lot of people out there."


Josh adds All that being said, the last thing our band wants to do is shove anything down anyones throat. Following Christ is their own decision. I’m gonna put it out their, but if there are people that are just there for a Rock and Roll show then we’ll give them a heck of a Rock and Roll show. If there are people their that want change, and maybe have some questions, and maybe want to pray with us then that's even better." 



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