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Lacey Sturm reflects on the struggles that surrounded Flyleaf and the industry that tore them apart.

February 8, 2019

When I interviewed Lacey Sturm during her most recent tour, I was curious to know what were the circumstances the lead to her departure from Flyleaf in the midsts of great success for the band. What I found was that even in the Christian rock circles, sometimes the greed is still evident. Lacey adds, " I think there is a danger of that in everything. I noticed that there are seasons for things, and a lot of times people don’t acknowledge when the seasons change. When I was in Flyleaf it was for 10 years. That was the longest time I had been in anything consistent like that, but I was ready to walk away every single day. Every single day I was like,” if this gets perverted, I’m leaving”. Perverted from the original intention of why we’re here. I was ready to leave Flyleaf and my husband Josh said I think there’s more to do here. You get sucked up in the machine of it all and no one cares about your relationship spiritually, or emotionally.


"I remember we wanted to go home one year for Christmas and we couldn’t. How many VH1 Behind The Scenes specials does it take before they say, Hey! Let’s address the social, relational and spiritual aspect of being on the road 300 days of the year! Can somebody address that? Take care of your instruments! These are your instruments! You wash your guitars and put them away in a case, you restring it, but the person behind the guitar you don’t care about? You know, their heart, their soul?


"I think the industry changing. I think there’s been a shift in the entertainment industry. Movies, TV, music; think the walls are coming down between them. People are just responding to the message for itself whether or not it’s Christian, and the quality of the music itself. I think there are a lot of people still going to the old model, but as far as this generation goes, I think what they’re really hungry for is just authenticity. I think that’s what people don’t like about the CCM market in the mainstream is that it feels canned and uncomfortable."


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