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RED returns to the road with new independent EP and a return to early roots

November 10, 2019

The iconic and genre-breaking band RED, returns to the airwaves and the road with a new independent EP which hints at a return to the bands heavier roots. Lead Vocalist Michael Barnes and the guys from Franklin, Tennessee, with new full-time member Dan Johnson on drums, hit the road in support of The Evening Hate.  Sarah Marie in her first interview goes one-on-one with Michael Barnes. 

"I feel like we really put in our time. We were young when we first signed our contract. We got in before the 360 deals where the labels take a lot more money from the bands. We are very fortunate and thankful still, because the labels helped us build that initial fan base, but Independence was definitely in the route. Like I said we put in our time. The label skill owns the first 6 records masters, so whenever streaming or buying the record, there is a certain mechanical price that's paid to the label and a certain amount that's paid to us. It’s a pretty high number for the label, like 80 some percent goes to them. We feel like we paid our dues, now it’s our time to write our own stuff. It's definitely a burden to bear. All the weight is on our shoulders now, but we’re excited. It's a new era from here on out. All of the songs we are writing we own the masters on 100%, so that's a huge deal for us. We are excited for a lot of the fans that helped us out in the Go Fund Me to raise the initial funds to get our label off the ground. A lot of things go into a label. You have the marketing side, you have the production part of it all. There are so many things that go into pushing a song as well, when there is money to be had. Even though we may have raised a lot of these funds just to finish the album, we still need to be taking a good portion of the money we make out here on the road to set aside for the next album, even to help push the singles, and for marketing and promotion. That’s all on our shoulders now. We have to hire the right people that are excited about our project, excited about who we are a band and what we’re about."  "We are the owners and we have created a label, and the first band that’s on our label is us. We are the people that make the decisions. We have a manager that helps guide and kind of helps us a little bit along the way, but ultimately it’s our decision when it comes down to it. So it’s been our business since day one and we’ve grown through a lot of mistakes that we made. We’ve been through pitfalls and downfalls and have grown through those times and so we’ve learned a lot when it comes to the fact of like yeah this our art, this is our music, but it's also a business at the same time and so we have to be smart business men as well. 15 years later we have learned a lot for sure, we are happy where we are, we love the manager that we have. Like you said we have a tight knit group. We have a manager, we have another guy named Tony that does our radio type stuff. They are excited, that's what we need."


Read the entire cover story in the Dec 1 Release of Total Order Magazine and catch RED on tour now through 

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