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September Mourning on the road while preparing next 2020 full length release.

November 11, 2019

In 2019 September Mourning toured extensively behind 2 successful single releases. We caught up with September as she was heading to the studio to work on tracks for an upcoming full-length release in 2020. She describes the hectic schedule of touring and trying to write and track the new music. "This touring schedule has been very busy this year, but even when I’m on tour I try to jot down some ideas or focus on ideas and try to get back around to them when we do have time." The band is on tour with Sons of Texas through November and begin a break in the middle of December. 


Each song from September Mourning serves as a narrative for the storyline that revolves around September.  We ask her about the creative process of the project. "The story was completely written before the music was created. We did some demos and stuff like that before everything had come together, but I stopped and I really went into the story and tweaked everything and put everything together and got that first comic rolling before we released volume 1 because I wanted to make sure that everything correlated perfectly and it seemed like I had to take a step back to make it all kind of sync together." She adds "September is a hero character with a hero story arc. Because of her powers, and what she does, she’s viewed in the beginning as an anti-hero because she’s bringing death, but once you get into the story and you figure out what she’s doing, granting these second chances at life to right their wrongs, or figure things out, whatever they need to do, which seems like more of a heroic story arc, but then on top of that she seems to be playing God which is not a heroic act. There is this dichotomy between all the different facets of who she is. I think that is what makes her a different character. Is she a hero? Is she not a Hero? What is she really? And I think she is a mirror for the human existence. We all really kind of this one big orb of darkness and light swirled together. Nobody is ever purely good, or purely evil."


Catch the full interview with September in the November issue of Total Order Magazine. 




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