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The TIME is right for California hard rock quartet, Joyous Wolf.

November 12, 2019

Fresh off a tour with the legendary Deep Purple, we caught up with Nick Reese, the hot new lead vocalist for the hard rock quartet, Joyous Wolf. In an age when eyes and ears are turning to rock bands again, Joyous Wolf's sonic attack has been growing a legion of loyal fans.




 "When the guys and I  first talked about jamming together for the first time, Blake asked me what kind of music do you think it’s going to be? I was like, “I dont know”. There was never any road map, we just wound up sounding like that. If you've heard the original early Joyous Wolf demos, it would sound like a completely different project. We just sort of found ourselves. At first, I think what put us on the path was one of our first tracks called: “Sleep Weep Stomp” and it was a bluesy kind of romp. It was the first song that we completed together and said yeah this is a Joyous Wolf song. I think that completely set the tone for where we were gonna go. As far as the whole new rock wave, one thing I want to sort out is that it's not a new wave of classic rock. That really bothers me. We have rock bands, We had tons of them. We have interesting rock music being made. What I will call it is back to basics. I think that's what it is. It’s people that play music as opposed to laptops and computers and that kind of thing. Being considered part of a new wave is really cool. When I think of a new wave I think of things like the British Invasion and the stuff that happened in the late 70’s. It is really cool to be included in something like that, but I just want to set the record straight. It is a new rock movement."  Nick also had some interesting thoughts about todays rock scene and building a fanbase the old fashion way, EARNING IT! He states" Back in the day, every band had a fan club. The Beatles had a fan club bigger than any digital fan base out there. Our whole point of view with Social Media was that we were going to build it one person at a time. We didn’t want a whole bunch of people blowing smoke up our butts. We didn’t want to do that thing where people buy fake followers so it looks better. We never wanted to do any of that and we never will. Every single number we have on line is 150% a fan that we have shook hands with, or have met because a friend referred them, or that we have been between one person with. I treat Social media as a fan club. It's a way to show support for me and the boys, and again, it helps get the music out there. It’s a great way of getting it to people all around the world. We have been very fortunate to have people very early on help us. A great band called Badflower, very good friends of ours doing great right now, back in the day when they were in Los Angeles and were nobody, they gave us our first gig in Los Angeles and they believed in us, they thought we were good."


Read the full Interview in Decembers issue of Total Order Magazine! 

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