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Roxy Blue is BACK with new music and leading the Memphis resurgence.

November 13, 2019

The return of rock and roll to the mainstream has been a growing steady systematic approach. City by city, town by town more of the classic rock acts are reforming and putting out new music. Memphis, Tennessee is a stronghold of the resurgence. Bands like Every Mothers Nightmare, Tora Tora and even new acts like Under The Radar are playing festivals and delighting rock fans everywhere. Leading the charge is a stample band from the region. Roxy Blue with lead singer/songwriter Todd Poole is Back with a brand new sound! Todd took a few minutes out from his preparation of their record release party to talk with Total Order Magazine. Todd talks about getting Roxy back together.



"I’ve always loved Roxy Blue, I’ve always loved the Guys, but hey a lot of crap happened back in the day. I don’t even remember what happened. We just kind of went our separate ways and we tried for years to get back together, even with Sid, and we just couldn’t get him to do it." He added "We really got back together when we’re asked to do a show with Bret Michaels a couple of years ago and we all decided to do it and the rehearsals sounded like we had never been apart. We were tight. I'm in rehearsals for that show and Nick Gator from Frontiers calls me while we were taking a break. He said, I’ve been trying to get in touch with you. We are adding to our tour and we want to know if you guys are interested in being a part of the Frontiers family. We’re going to let you make the record the way you want, we’re going to let you package it the way you want and man we jumped on it. I think it gave us the reason we all had been looking for to get back together and we made a record. I got so excited I started sending demos to the guys. And they were like, “Its great but it’s a lot different than the old sound." I said, “Its 27 years later, I don’t drive the same car I drove then”.  I don’t want it to do a one-off. We want to go for a phase 2 and in order to do that then we gotta be who we are now. So I think this record we just made is a stepping stone for where we are going to be. We evolved. We didn’t stick around and try to be who we were 27 years ago. Back then we had fun, but all I knew was sex, drugs and rock and roll and I’m not trying to be cliche, but I didn’t know anything else. I had not lived much of a life, partying and just hanging out. And now you’ve grown up. I’ve loved and I’ve lost we’ve all been through a lot of emotional stuff and that makes for great writing. I became a father 2 times over and married and life had a way of scaring us all and I think it shows on the record.


Todd talked about the bands from Memphis playing a lot of the recent rock festivals. "You’re seeing a lot of bands come out and play these festivals with us like Warrant and Brett Michaels. They are seeing the same thing we’re seeing that people are loving it and it’s like a resurgence. It’s like all the bands were thrown in a closet and we’re peeking out the closet going it’s OK now we can come out. It should have never been like that but Damnit, Rock and Roll ain’t never gonna die. We’re older now, and we love that crowd, but we’re also trying to stay in the game for the new crowd."


Catch the full interview with Todd in the December Issue of Total Order Magazine. 

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